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Congratulations to Orinda's 2023 Citizen of the Year
Bill Waterman
and winner of the Orinda Volunteer Award
John Fazel !

The Orinda Community Foundation hosted a

Presentation Dinner to honor Bill and John on November 5,2023.  It was catered by Shelby's in the Founders' Auditorium of the Orinda Community Center at 28 Orinda Way.


Photos coming shortly.

2023 Citizen of the Year Bill Waterman

Bill was raised in Orinda and came back as an adult with his wife Marie to live in the family home. Long-time Orinda resident, Bill joined The Orinda Association in 2000 and has worked with the organization ever since volunteering his time to put on community forums, drive seniors to medical appointments, chair the 4th of July Celebration for 4 years as well as the Classic Car Show.

Bill has also been a member of Orinda Rotary for the past five years and has served on numerous city committees including the Historical Landmark Committee (still a member) and disaster preparedness committee.

A semi-retired attorney, Bill also volunteers his time as a mediator with the Congress of Neutrals helping the courts mediate cases where people don’t have attorneys. He is also on its Board of Directors and also finds time to volunteer as a judge for Superior Court.

2023 Orinda Volunteer Award John Fazel

For those who don’t know of John’s accomplishments—former (now retired) real estate agent in Orinda, best known for his knowledge of land use provisions in our area...founder of Orinda’s Road Runners... introduced the pancake breakfast into our July 4 celebration... was an active July 4 volunteer for many years... has orchestrated the very successful, long running ¾ Century Club luncheon which is hosted with donations by many of our local businesses and grocery stores, generally bringing in over 100 seniors in Orinda aged 75 and older. The ¾ Century Club luncheon is being expanded into Moraga and Lafayette. John is also now working with our schools to launch a CA mission discovery trail for school age children. Separately, he is an active member of the Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary Club which takes on a number of initiatives benefiting all three communities.

2022 Citizen of the Year 

Orinda 2022 Citizen of the Year Vince Dell'Aquila

Vince Dell'Aquila 

Vince is a 35 year Orinda resident along with wife Kathie. They raised three children. He is a  retired Miramonte High School teacher, Athletic Director and coach. Vince continues to volunteer as a MHS football and golf coach. He is actively involved in the community including his neighborhood Firewise group and served on the board of the Orinda Community Foundation.

Two older people sitting

2022 Orinda Volunteer Award

Kent and Teresa Long 

Kent and Teresa Long grew up in Orinda and have been active community volunteers for many years. They have provided leadership in the restoration of the Joachim Moraga Adobe built in 1841. It is the oldest surviving building in Contra Costa County.

Orinda 2022 Volunteer award winners Kent and Teresa Long

Past Citizens of the Year 

2022  Vince Dell'Aquila

2021  Melanie Light

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2018  Carole & Andy Amstutz

2017  Janet Riley

2016  John Wyro  

2015  Mark Roberts

 2014  Susan Garrell

2013  Pat Rudebusch

2012  Richard Westin

2011   Steve Harwood

2010  Linda Landau

2009 Kate Wiley

2008 Ted Urban

2007 Bill Judge

2006 Rebecca Kunzman

2005 Randy Holleschau

2004 Sue Severson

2003 Kay Aaker

2002 Pam Hall

2001  Jo Alice Canterbury

2000 Pete Giers

1999 Rosina McKee

1998 Lynn Olson

1997 Jan Coe & Vanessa Crews

1996 Amy Worth

1995 Ellen Amen

1994 Bill Dabel, Bobbie Landers & Aldo Guidotti

1993 Janet Pease

1992 Richard Heggie

1991  Clarence Woodard

1990 Bob and Sheyla Kantor

1989 Carol Breuner

1988 Peirce McKee

1987 Jack and Linda Knebel

1986 Midge Zischke

1985 Joyce Hawkins

1984 Bran Yaich

1983 Lloyd McDonald

1982 Elizabeth Frazier Karplus

1981  Rev. B. Jean Clark

1980 Bill Cooper

1979 Capt. Ernest Hendricks

1978 Craig McCay

1977 Del Loper

1976 Martin McNair

1975 Harriet Ainsworth

1974 Vasco Giannini

1973 Jerry Wendt

1972 Stephanie Mann

1971 Irene Moylan

1970 Ann Christofferson 

1969 Muir Sorrick Shank

1968 Carl Webber

1967 Clark Wallace

1966 Richmond Bartle

1965 Sam Stovall

1964 Barbara Parker Smith

1963 Waltor Treanor

1962 Dr. John Boulware

1961 Al Winsor

1960 Clarence Betz

1959 William Koch

1958 Gerry Cullen

1957 Ann Pallaczek

1956 Perc Brown

1955 Dr. George Prlain

1954 Frank Isola

1953 Jean Henderson

1952 Ernest Rahmeyer

1951 Edgar Stewart

1950 Ramsay Underwood

1949 Dr. Joseph Sheaff

1948 Dr. Ralph C. Hall

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